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What we do

For 16 years Catnip Trails worked tirelessly to save the homeless pets of central Florida.  We have rescued, re-homed, adopted, transported, reunited, and either medically or behaviorally treated thousands of cats & dogs and even a few livestock. However, we no long offer shelter services.  Below are just a few of the successes we have celebrated, and the reason we continue to help others find the resources they need to save lives. 

Catnip Trails is now taking a more proactive approach to help people find the resources they need to keep animals out of the shelters in the first place.  While we no longer offer shelter/foster services, we will try to help you find the resources you need.

Remember all rescues are over-crowded and under-funded.  No rescuer likes being emotionally blackmailed with a threat to dump an animal.  No matter how desperate your situation may seem you will get far more assistance without all the drama.

If you do find a rescue willing to help you, offer to help them in return.  Many have a wish-list of household items, volunteers, or pet-store gift cards.  Please consider making a donation to Catnip Trails so that we may continue to offer free services to those in need.

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