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Resources for pet-owners


Before surrendering your pet to a shelter, animal control, or humane society, please consider resolving whatever issue you're experiencing and keep your pet at home and out of the shelter system. Keep in mind that your destructive, barking, furniture-scratching pet deserves another chance and will never understand the rules until you teach him/her.  At the very least, consider re-homing your pet yourself to avoid him or her becoming a statistic in our shelter system.

For helpful steps in rehoming your pet safely, please download the PDF file below:
Low Cost Spay/Neuter & Vetting
Spay Florida
Love That Cat
FL Spay

Pet Food Banks
Pikes Peak Pet Pantry
Space Coast Kibble Kitchen

Pet Friendly Housing
The Pet Realty Network
No Paw Left Behind

Pet Friendly Travel
Bring Fido
Pet Friendly Travel
Pets Welcome

Dog Training - Central FL
Free obedience class
Canine Good Citizen
Behavior Modification

Education & Mentoring
If you'd like to schedule a humane education speaker for your school or civic group, please contact us.

If you are new to rescue and would like to get a better understanding of what lies ahead - the countless hours, empty pockets, and endless rewards, we will be happy to discuss our experiences with you and offer you some guidance as requested.
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